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Llyn peninsula
The Llyn peninsula extends 30 miles into the Irish sea. Historically the peninsula was used by pilgrims en route to Bardsey island.
I walked part of the peninsula, from Abersoch to Aberdaron. This  took 3 days, shooting 1 roll, 12 exposures a day.

Diamonds in the dust
Constantly inspired by Mountain, Rural, & Coastal Village communities & the things that hold dear. On visiting these community's there is always a feeling of stepping back or being lost in time, with little regard
for consumerism & illusions of wealth , these people & there community's,know the true value of freedom.

Days run away
A nostalgic journey, of youth, time, laughter, friendship, nature, honesty & innocence. Remember waking up, feeling the whole day ahead, the morning sun, excitement, that overwhelming feeling inside
that you rarely get as an adult, the truth of being alive, as the sun hides behind the sea again-the day runs away.
Josephine Sweeney’s house
Josephine Sweeney moved to England from Ireland in the sixties. These images are a documentation of her later years in life, the way in which she surrounded herself with memories of her “Ireland”, her faith
&  the importance of heritage.

A collection of portraits.

Murial and I
A selection of 150 slides from 1952-1956. I have always been interested in archived material, these images found me at a car boot sale in Cheshire, England. Whilst editing these images I tried to concentrate
on the characters & the social occasions with in them.

Home        Abroad
By Joan Sweeney.
As a teenager, sweating it out in my mothers attic in the heat of a real english summer, the year was 1987, I was on the hunt for anything old to sell, mainly my star wars figures as they demanded a
good price, sweets, swimming money & new skate board wheels (Slim Balls) were on the agenda as I needed maximum speed this summer to & from the out door swimming pool. A good time later I
opened a shoe box of Kodak slides from that Instant, that very second I knew what I  wanted to do for the rest of my life. Holding those slides in-front of my torch I sat for hours. I  looked at every single one.
Thanks Mum .

Souvenir slides
Ran out of film? Souvenir slides are available from the gift shop on your way out. A collection a slides of Capri from 1972.

Skye abundant in fauna & flora, it has been said that Skye is conclusive proof that God was just showing off,the people, the history, the legends, the scenery, the weather, the music & the poetry combine to
produce something very, very special & if you have been, well, you will know what im talking about.

Queen’s Park
Renowned as one of the finest Parks in the North West, Queen’s park is a traditional Victorian Park with 45 acre walkways, band stands, trees, crown green bowling, 4 1/2 acre ornamental lake, grassed areas,
Memorials & lakeside pavillion.

Into the light pt1          Into the light pt2
Images lost to a modern generation, boxes of heritage destined the attic or worse. saving these slides from certain death, i bathed them in light for one last time.

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